Jeffrey Meyer Turntables was started in 1995. As a prop master in the New York commercial film business, Jeffrey saw first hand the needs of both the film business and its crews. He gradually built up an array of custom turntables for various applications. What started with one turntable quickly evolved into many as Jeffrey learned the abilities and limitations of different motors and rigs.

Today, each turntable is designed for specific applications, while allowing plenty of flexibility and customization. The turntables come with accessories, ranging from controllers to couplings to extra discs to chucks. The film business is anything but predictable, so customization and adaptability is standard on each turntable.

All turntables come in heavy-duty cases and can be easily moved. They are inspected after each rental to ensure that every customer experiences the full capability and performance they have grown to expect out of J.M. Turntables. Jeffrey also has a large variety of clocks for rental and rigging as well.

Jeffrey Meyer Turntables has been built around the premise of giving customers only the finest turntables and equipment available. Speed controllers, motors, discs, and frames are frequently tuned up, repaired or replaced in an extensive process that covers every detail of operation. This provides you with smooth operation that is unparalleled in the film business.

We try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. Extra discs and parts are available so that you will have the right equipment for the job. Special configurations, motor changes, or even custom rigs can be completed upon request.

We want to learn as much as possible about what you are turning so that we can match the right turntable to your needs. Feedback from film crew members is always welcome as it has helped us design new and better products.

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